The outcome of the Lishman Health Foundation sponsored Suicide Prevention project was the development of an on-line multi-media training programme for GPs.
The programme trains GPs to manage suicidal patients.

An assessment of existing services (also funded by the Lishman Health Foundation) found that

  • 75% of GPs had not undertaken suicide prevention training in the last three years
  • fewer than 50% of GPs could identify early warning signs of suicidal intent and
  • fewer than 10% of GP’s consider current inter-professional collaboration as adequate in the management of the suicidal patient.

Completion of the training programme attracts CPD (Continued Professional Development) points
Completion modules 1, 2 & 3 – Activitiy Number 45301, 40 CATEGORY 1 PTS
Completion module 1 only – Activity Number 40889, 4 CATEGORY 2 PTS
Completion modules 1 & 2 only – Activity Number 40889, 8 CATEGORY 2 PTS