Quality in End-of-Life Care

The Quality in End-of-Life Care project is currently in its second year of implementation. The project, which is coordinated by researchers from the University of Western Australia, aims to develop a cost-effective mechanism to obtain palliative care data from general practices in rural and regional areas with minimal burden on service providers.

Under the direction of Chief Investigators Dr Claire Johnson and Professor Angus Cook, the first and second phases of this three phase project are nearing completion. Following an extensive review process, the end-of-life questionnaire has been finalised and the end-of-life registry will be fully operational by the end of 2018. A one-year pilot study will be conducted with approximately 50 general practitioners from the South West and Great Southern regions of WA as part of the third phase of the project. With an estimated four expected deaths per general practitioner per year, this will provide information on approximately 200 deaths during the pilot study.

Following the pilot study, a cross sectional survey of general practitioners experiences with the end-of-life registry will be conducted, with a sub-set of general practitioners invited to take part in semi-structured interviews to provide in-depth feedback.

This project is supported by the State Government.

Project Advisory Committee Members:

Dr Peter Heyworth (Chair)
Dr Claire Johnson
Professor Angus Cook
Dr Keith Howe
Dr Chris Lloyd
Ms Dianne Ritson