Plans afoot

The Foundation has obtained funding through the WA Primary Health Alliance to promote the results of Foundation-funded research to primary health care providers and the wider public.

The Foundation has engaged a consultant, Madeleine Clews, to develop a plan to promote research results to the medical profession, Commonwealth, State and local government bodies and other health policy decision-makers, and to build sustainable relationships with the health sector and the general public.

This has been made possible through funding provided by the Australian Government under the PHN program.

In addition to being a seasoned operator in public sector communications, strategic planning and media relations, Madeleine has a Graduate Diploma in Primary Health Care Research and Evaluation. She has a particular interest in enabling better practice through strengthening and maintaining professional networks.

We look forward to working together with Madeleine to raise the profile of the Foundation.

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Lishman Health Foundation held its AGM on Wednesday the 20th September. Fionnuala Hannon was elected as Chair of the Board. Fionnuala, who first nominated for the Board in 2016, is a long-term Bunbury resident and is committed to regional life and all that it offers. The Board would like to thank Trevor Jackson for his significant contribution as Chair over the past year.

Board members elected at the 2017 AGM include Fionnuala Hannon (Chair), Trevor Jackson (Vice-Chair), Bill Cowan (Secretary), Peter Wright (Treasurer), Peter Heyworth, Margaret Paterson, Jane Whiddon, Dianne Ritson and Brenda Murrison.

The Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank retiring Board member, Giuliano Cantoni, for his dedication and significant contribution over the past two years.

Thank you also to AMD Chartered Accountants for once again completing the Foundation’s Audited Financial Statement. Your generous support of the Foundation is greatly appreciated.