South West Alcohol and Other Drugs Study

A research study conducted in collaboration with The Rural Clinical School of WA and the Lishman Health Foundation is currently underway. The research aims to explore users’ experiences of accessing alcohol and other drug (AOD) services in the South West, and the impact of COVID-19 on service availability and accessibility. The study aims to recruit and conduct a telephone interview with approximately 30 people who have AOD use problems living in the South West, regardless of whether they have accessed AOD services or not.

For further information on this study, please contact Associate Professor Mat Coleman on (08) 9842 0811.

South West Alcohol and Other Drugs Study Recruitment Flyer



Fellowship Program

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Augusta Margaret River

The Lishman Health Foundation has engaged the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health from the University of Newcastle to explore mental health and wellbeing approaches in Augusta Margaret River.

The Project Advisory Committee, established by the Lishman Health Foundation with representatives from across the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, have guided and supported this project. The consultation process has only been possible because of the commitment of people from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River to address mental health and wellbeing in their community. Their willingness to provide their views openly and frankly has provided a solid foundation for moving forward to promote mental health and wellbeing across the community. The Final Report is now available for the community to view. 

This report describes the results of a project to explore options for addressing mental health and wellbeing in the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. The project was undertaken to identify the key issues and explore community views about mental health and wellbeing in the area. The project represents a commitment to address mental health and wellbeing in the area.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Final Report

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Methamphetamine and Alcohol Project

Autism in Rural Communities

ORCHID (Gestational Diabetes Study)

Suicide Prevention: Enhanced Professional Development for GPs