About the Foundation

The Lishman Health Foundation was established by health professionals and Rotarians in 1997, as the Val Lishman Health Research  Foundation. It was set up to honour the inspirational work of Dr Val Lishman, the first specialist surgeon in the South West region of Western Australia. The Foundation is guided by Dr Lishman’s example of selfless service and concern for holistic health.

The Foundation shortened its name in 2016 for ease of use and also to reflect the Foundation’s aims of advocating for and promoting health research.

The Foundation acts as broker and will endorse only high quality projects. The volunteer Research Management Committee (RMC), in communication with community stakeholders, advises the Board on research priorities and assesses individual projects. Approved research may be directly funded but external grants, which provide leverage for funds raised by the community, are preferred.  For each funded project, LHF appoints a 6-8 person Project Advisory Committee (PAC) consisting of both community representatives and persons with professional expertise in the specific health topic area, who meet regularly with the research providers throughout the project and promote the implementation of outcomes.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1997 and is a tax-deductible gift recipient.  Owned and run by the community, the Foundation is unique in Australia.

It is the belief of the Foundation that health research helps the community in the following ways:

  • Local research seeks answers to local health problems, benefiting the whole community.
  • Health research is a significant world–wide industry. We are building a South West-based research industry through organisation, training and employment.
  • Health research attracts and retains quality health professionals in the region through career opportunity and prestige of research.
  • Employment & Robust health research projects promote economic benefit by retaining research donations within the regions while attracting external grants

The Foundation acts to bring together skills and establish research collaborations.   Researchers are then contracted and tightly managed through written targets and regular progress review.  Special consideration is given to practical value and implementation of findings.  The Project advisory committee represents end-users of the research and thus ensures the questions answered provide useful information.

Expenditure is contained through contributors and donated services. All projects are funded in advance and financial progress of individual projects is carefully tracked and reported at every Board meeting.

Financial status is reported to every Board meeting.  AMD Accountants have audited our accounts annually since inception. AMD provides an independent report to the Annual General Meeting. Accounts are available on request.

No project is allowed to commence without satisfying the board that ethical standards of all participating organisations have been fully met.   This will include approval by University, Hospital and /or external ethical committees.

Who was Val Lishman?

In 1965 Dr Val Lishman, a surgeon, was the first specialist to work away from the city, in the South West Region of Western Australia. We are inspired by his example of selfless community service, kindness and concern for holistic health. The Foundation, established at his retirement, celebrates his extraordinary career.


The Man in the Surgical Mask

The Man in the Surgical Mask contains anecdotes and stories about the life and work of Dr Val Lishman. It is an excellent, entertaining and inspirational read. With stories written by Dr Lishman and by people whose lives he has touched, it is a must read and the perfect present for everyone.

Copies are available from the Foundation office at the Chamber of Commerce, 15 Stirling St. Bunbury or you can email admin@vlfoundation.com, phone 0475 705 417 or complete the online form below.

Books are $25 each. Payment can be made by cash, direct debit or credit card.