100 Day Walk for Mental Health

Marg Rhodes and Pieter van Aalen will be participating in a ‘100 Day Walk for Mental Health’ from June to August 2019. This walk is approximately 2,000km long and starts in Canterbury and ends in Rome. In order to complete this walk, Marg and Pieter will walk on average 20km per day.

This walk isn’t just to challenge Marg and Pieter individually, but to raise awareness for mental health.

They feel very strongly about funding and supporting elective programs to assist people with mental health conditions and to find a way forward in managing their illness.

Mental health illness does not discriminate and affects many individuals, families and friends. Marg and Pieter understand this first hand as they have experienced the effects and impact of anxiety and depression on their young adult son.

The 100 Day Walk will be totally self-funded by Marg and Pieter. The Foundation will support Marg and Pieter’s journey by coordinating local fundraising opportunities with support from our volunteers. All money raised will go towards mental health programs coordinated by the Foundation.

To help get the word out, please share this with all friends and family.