Welcome to the Lishman Health Foundation

As an independent charitable organisation the Foundation funds, facilitates and promotes health research that has significant health gain for individuals, families and communities living in south-west Western Australia and more broadly regional Australia.

The Lishman Health Foundation was established in 1997 and named in honour of Dr Val Lishman, the first specialist surgeon to practise in south-west Western Australia. Dr Lishman was a lifelong proponent of regional health research to benefit regional populations.

Having successfully developed relationships with the state-wide community of practice in health care delivery, the Foundation is setting its sights on further building these connections to address a range of emerging rural, regional and remote health issues.

Latest News

100 Day Walk for Mental Health

Marg Rhodes and Pieter van Aalen will be embarking on an inspiring 2000km, 100 day walk from Canterbury to Rome from June – August 2019. All funds raised will go to mental health research coordinated by the Foundation. You can make a tax deductible donation to this wonderful cause by clicking on the donate button below.

Autism in Rural Communities

A multi-year research project surveying how therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are reaching families in regional and remote areas, and testing innovative alternative models of intervention

Quality in End-of-Life Care

A large scale project that aims to develop a cost-effective mechanism to obtain palliative care data from general practices in rural and regional areas with minimal burden on service providers


The Optimisation of Rural Clinical & Haematological Indicators of Diabetes, or Gestational Diabetes study, is looking for a simpler, more cost effective way to screen for diabetes mellitus (GDM) in regional and remote communities

The Cholesterol Question

Do you know that you can inherit high cholesterol and not even be aware of it until you suffer a heart attack? 50% of men and 30% of women with this condition suffer a heart attack before they reach fifty. The medical term in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) and an estimated 80% of cases are not diagnosed.

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